We love a good party....

Bryce can tell you the make, model, year and price of just about every car that drives by. He loves cars. And he especially loves classic VW buses.

Jessamine knows how to throw a party. She has years of experience planning events for non-profits like the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and the Idaho Humane Society, and she knows the key is tracking every detail and adding in little sparks of fun to make it special.

Together, we’ve created Bus Bar. Because really, when it comes down to it, what could be more fun than helping people celebrate momentous occasions with good drinks and the coolest mobile bar this planet has ever seen?

Bryce & Jessamine


Our  vw bus

Converting a classic...

The 1973 VW Bus came to us in mid-2016. We’ve always loved the iconic look and Bryce just couldn’t pass up a good deal on one of his favorite cars. Transforming it into Bus Bar wasn’t the original intention, but once we saw pictures of similar conversions, we knew what had to be done. The Bus was in rough shape, with its original blue and white exterior buried under maroon paint and a Harley Davidson theme. We started the project by stripping everything out of it and removing the windows and trim. Then we pulled the engine which had been “running” on only 3 cylinders. And with that, we set off to give new life to our sad maroon VW.

The first cut was the scariest. Without any tutorials we used pictures of finished converted buses and made improvements on the design where we could. After removing the top and side sections we framed them in with new metal for support. The top hinges that lift the top of the bus were pretty straightforward, but the side hinges that allow the bar top to fold down were a much bigger challenge. We wanted the hinges to be hidden so the bus looked original when it was folded up. But that presented a problem because the side needs to extend out a bit when flipped down so it doesn’t come in contact with the body of the bus. After a month of trying ideas Bryce came up with a custom scissor hinge that is smooth, strong, and hidden.

Once we made all the modifications to the body, it was time to prep the bus for paint. This started with months and months of sanding off the old paint. Next, we applied primer and sent our bus off to the paint shop. The turquoise and white are original VW colors and the end result is just gorgeous. While the excitement of getting our freshly painted bus back was enormous, the amount of work that lay ahead was not small: new upholstery, new glass, fresh rubber seals, and the custom designed interior were the easy parts. We also had to go through all the electronics, sort the brakes and transmission, and install a newly rebuilt engine. Our once sad and abused VW Bus got the makeover it deserved, and we are so excited that it can now be enjoyed by all.


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